Fender Smart Capo - Standard
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You may have noticed we have experienced some serious technical issues for the past few weeks. Although we have moved to a new hosting provider and stabilized the platform our customer counts and daily visits have suffered greatly.

Here is the good news... In order to rebuild our readership with you. We are going to sell off our site inventory over the next several weeks at ridiculously low prices in order to create some buzz around the site again. If you are here... you are in luck!

goingTODAY we offer the Fender Smart Capo. The latest addition from the Fender team of guitar experts is the Smart Capo. Light weight and easy to use, the Fender Smart Capo features on-handed operation for lightning-quick changes while performing. The unique design produces perfect tension across all strings, eliminating annoying string buzz and keeping strings in tune.

Thanks for sticking with us!

Matt Wright - Musician and Owner



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