The Guitar Wheel
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The Guitar Wheel displays music theory in a unique way. For guitarists, the Guitar Side helps them see how music theory works, they way they are actually used to thinking about music - on their guitar! Flip it over to the Piano side and you can use it to teach music theory for piano, vocals or any other instrument. The Guitar Wheel is the only music theory tool of its kind so enthusiastically accepted by guitarists, and endorsed by top musicians and teachers.

The Guitar Wheel is a 2 ounce reference library of music theory, made of tough plastic, that fits in your guitar case. It is a simple, easy-to-use, tool that contains volumes of basic and intermediate music theory concepts. Study music theory in any key by turning the tab. The more you look at it, the more will pop out at you and the mysteries of music theory will start to unravel.

The guitar side applies music theory to the guitar fret board like a curved map of the guitar neck with strings and frets numbered, displaying chord fingerings, chord formulas with their inversions and scales. The piano side helps with music theory in general for players of all instruments.

Use the Guitar Wheel as a teaching aid in your music lessons with students, for personal study, or for creative help when you're writing songs. Find quick answers to questions or study it to better understand music theory as a whole. We've been told by hundreds of musicians and teachers, they wish they had Guitar Wheels when they were learning music theory. Now many of them are using the Guitar Wheel as an educational tool with their students.

The Guitar Wheel fits right in a guitar case or a book cover. A 2 page color instruction Quick Start comes included in English and translated into Spanish and German (EspaƱol and Deutsch).

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